Jon Golden • Photographer








































Jon Golden has been working as a professional photographer for 35 years. His assignments have taken him to over 60 countries and required him to sail more than 20,000 miles at sea. Jon has produced stunning images, documenting some of the worlds most remote and harsh places including Baffin Island (Canadian Arctic), Gobi, Namibian, and Patagonia deserts of Mongolia, Argentina and Namibia, Kamchatka (Far East Russia), the Peruvian Amazon, and the Westfjords of Iceland. His images have been published in many major U.S. magazines including National Geographic, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and Virginia Quarterly Review. Jon was a founding member of “LOOK3 ­ Festival of the Photograph”. Much of Jon’s career has been focused on promoting the work of nonprofits, which include the Building Goodness Foundation in Haiti, Guatemala and Louisiana, Firefly Kids in Russia, Impossible2Possible, The Nature Conservancy and the Amazon Aid Foundation. Jon studied Environmental Science and Computer Science at the University of Virginia. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia and loves to travel and cook.


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